Monday, March 2, 2009

The Project

If there is one thing that I am it's a shoe junkie. Women always catch shit for loving knee high, toe destroying stiletto's, but I feel for them. I too share a shoe obsession.

Last Thursday I spotted a new shoe on Five Ten's website. The Project. Shown below, these shoe completely revolutionize climbing shoes. With a sole that is only 2 mm thick (compared to the normal 4 mm), these shoes are the ultimate in sensitivity. I had to have a pair! A few clicks of the keys and moments later I was the proud owner of a pair of projects.

Today, I literally chased to UPS guy down while walking to class. He happily handed over my package and I walked into class with a grin, and a box in hand. I couldn't wait, I opened them up in class and put them on. Oh what a glorious feeling, new shoes... But these are not any ordinary shoes. By far, these are the most sensitive shoe I have ever put on my foot. As I groped the bottom of the desk with my toes I could quite literally grab with my feet. These shoes are so thin you can actually roll up the toe box. This is all possible to Stealth's new rubber, Mystique. It is supposedly twice as tough, therefore they can put it on the shoe twice as thin. Pretty awesome.

My main concern with these shoes is the durability, but only time will tell. I will definitely have a second report after my trip to Bishop, where the buttmilk stone might literally eat my thin new shoes alive. Stay tuned.


  1. Don't worry, I'm a major shoe whore as well. I generally carry 4 pairs with me to every crag, no matter what. Yesterday I took a pair of testarossas to crack climb in Indian Creek and actually wore them for this thin splitter! You never know. The projects look bueno, I too want a pair. Good luck in Bishop dip shit!

  2. LAME SAUCE ON YOUR sausageless burrito.. I feel ya on shoe amor; dragon's ariving tomorrow... better effing fit mothre effer; been a long time coming;;;; task two: convince evolve rep at sloperfest to give me the pair that I suppose "got lost in the mail" as well.

  3. i am open to receiving free shoes...just so you know.