Friday, January 30, 2009

The Fall Boy

Alex left me a comment that The Fall Boy should be on the top of my list for Bishop. Well I can see why, after some poaching I came up with this image.


Oh yeah, and Atari.

I guess it's pretty cool too.

To whoever took these photos, thanks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bishop Inspiration 1.0

Take Hueco Inspiration 1.0 flip it, twist it, and put it in your pocket.

This is a whole new shadinkadink.


Stained Glass.

Holy classic boulder batman.

HP40 (1-25-09)

A great day at HP40.

A couple of things to note.

Kevin continues his sending spree with Litz Pocket, Boomslang, and Permanent Scream.

Brooks crushed Ghetto Superstar (send me the video man!), and nearly sent Cadillac thrills.


Here's a couple of pictures from 2 years ago. Nasty Nate giving the word under God Module. I wish I had this video. Classic!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bishop it is...

A decision has been made.

Bishop, here we come....

Boy o' boy. I can't believe I'm going back for round three! I'm going to hop on my hangboard now and not drop off until we get on the plane. I left last time with projects out the wazoo, and now I get to go back and try and finish them up. Hell yeah. More to come on SB09 later.

Tomorrow a crew is going back to HP40, I'll let you know how it goes.

Check this article out on The Star System. Good stuff.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh no Hueco....

WHOOPSY! Looks like Hueco is out of the question... A little late on the reservations and the crazy rules at "America's Best" bouldering area bit us in the ass. I really want to go, but holy shit man the rules are one too many. Here's the plan now (or lack there of)...

Plan 1: Go to Bishop.

Plan 2: Go to Joe's.

My question to you is, where would you rather go? I've been to both, love both, and can't wait to go back to both. So I need some persuading. HELP! Hit up the poll to your right. =>

Catch you later.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh well

What's up friends?

Some days you send and some days you don't.

I didn't, but got excruciatingly close. Bloody hell. Next time...

On the other hand, Kevin once again upped the ante on Sherman Photo Roof. Nice send brotha.

Here's a link to Scotty Gross' Blog. He's got a rad video up right now of a few classics around the South East. Word.

Let me know how things went for you! Shoot me an e-mail.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hueco Insperation 1.0

Hola amigos. Since the "plains" crew has decided on Hueco for spring break I thought it would be cool if I posted a insperational video once a week until we go. Well here it is. Version 1.0. I saw this video of Jamie Emerson on the TUBE and thought, "Damn. I want to do THAT!" Looks super classic. Here it is:

Loaded With Power.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a few things....

Well howdy do! Thanks for checking in! First I'd like to point your attention to Pimpin and Crimpin and their hilarious new post on ads they wished existed. Funny shit!

Next, I'd like to show you this: Rocktown Weather. In particular, the weather for this weekend. Notice anything? Oh yeah.... it's freaking good, and even better, it's a three day weekend (thanks MLK)!

Finally, I'd like to extend the offer to climb this weekend at rocktown. The weather is good, the rock is good, and if you come the vibes will be good. I'll be there all weekend so come one, come all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trip Report (HP40)

Well yesterday was freaking awesome! A few of my friends and I went to good ole Horse Pens 40. The trip was a giant success. My good friend Kevin sent two of his projects (making for his hardest sends yet), Donnie made good progress on a couple of his projects (he also sent Slush Puppy), Taylor sent a problem (his first time to climb on HP sandstone), and I sent a couple of problems that I would have never dreamed possible a few months ago. Psyched! Anyway, it was a friggen sweet day with lots of energy in the air. Check out the video below of the two classics that Kevbo CRUSHED! Nice work friend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Sore.... Alex is Cranking!

So just a couple things to speak of... First off, I'm really f'ing sore. I started P90X two days ago and it is officially kicking my ass. My hope is that it will improve my climbing (Note for mountain folk: When living in the plains, one must go to extremes to improve strength... because there is no climbing around... really, I'm talking zero), and if it doesn't end up helping I will sure as hell be stronger. But enough about me.

My good friend Alex Savage and his girlfriend Sonja took a trip from LA to Bishop for New Years. It looks like they had a hell of a time. Here is a video (thanks Sonja!) of the two crush masters doing what they do best, crushing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Needles For New Years

Well the birthday celebrations were really good, ate at a hibachi grill, drank a bunch of sake, and hung out with friends. School starts tomorrow, I'm really not psyched, but it will be alright. Kevin and I almost finished up the woody here in Auburn, so once that's done it will be awesome. More to come on that later.

On Dec 31, '08 Sean destroyed a bad ass new problem on Avery Drive, Oklahoma.

Here is the Video.

More to come.


Yesterday was rediculous.

Today is my birthday.

I'm back in Auburn.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

In B-ham... and the weather still sucks.

Well I lied, no more rock scaling in Tulsa. It's all good though, the season is only halfway done. I'm chilling in Birmingham with a few of my buddies, drinking, and trying to not think about the weather. It was supposed to be good, but nope! Not this winter break... son of a bitch. Raja and I are going to try and go to some DL boulders tomorrow, but the fog outside and the 60% chance of rain makes me doubtful. Damn man, I wish the stars would align and the climbing gods would let me climb... Sorry. I'll stop bitching now. Some more champagne and I should forget all about it.

I'll let y'all know about tomorrow.

Tropic Thunder is friggen hilarious.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old classics, and a new line...

Well happy New Year everyone! Hope every one's celebrations were good. Yesterday, the last day of 2008, proved to be an awesome day here in Tulsa. With amazing weather, crisp temperatures, and plenty of hard projects 2008 wrapped up the way it should have.... with crushing. Sean Dossett destroyed a long standing project on Avery Drive at the end of the day with very little light left, dubbing it Needles for New Years (V10). Good job man, you are crushing right now! I have video of Sean sending Needles for New Years, and should be posting it within the next week (maybe even today if I work fast).

I was really psyched to do two of Chandler Park's finest, Reef Direct and The North American. The North American was by far the best problem I have done at Chandler, super classic moves to an amazing jug finish.

Tomorrow holds more rock scaling, Oklahoma sandstone is begging to be held. So check back friends, more updates soon to come. Have a good New Years day!