Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old classics, and a new line...

Well happy New Year everyone! Hope every one's celebrations were good. Yesterday, the last day of 2008, proved to be an awesome day here in Tulsa. With amazing weather, crisp temperatures, and plenty of hard projects 2008 wrapped up the way it should have.... with crushing. Sean Dossett destroyed a long standing project on Avery Drive at the end of the day with very little light left, dubbing it Needles for New Years (V10). Good job man, you are crushing right now! I have video of Sean sending Needles for New Years, and should be posting it within the next week (maybe even today if I work fast).

I was really psyched to do two of Chandler Park's finest, Reef Direct and The North American. The North American was by far the best problem I have done at Chandler, super classic moves to an amazing jug finish.

Tomorrow holds more rock scaling, Oklahoma sandstone is begging to be held. So check back friends, more updates soon to come. Have a good New Years day!

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