Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey there. Long time no talky talky. To make a long story short I'm in Colorado, after half a summer of working in Auburn, and a great week spent in Oklahoma. So I'm here, in colorful Colorado and I have a month of nothing but climbing. Yes!

My first day here has been a bust, so far. I almost went bouldering by myself to Mt. Evans, but instead I waited around for a climbing partner and got rained out. Boooo, no climbing on day 1. Only 29 days left. Sigh.

I've got a new rope coming my way tomorrow (hopefully). It's a Mammut Infinity 9.5. I'll let you all know how it handles, wears, and treats me over the next couple of months.

I'll definetely be posting more now that I actually have something to post about.

Talk to you soon.

Im out.



  1. bout time compadre!! psyched to hear how well "chossarado" compares to the SOUPH!!

  2. You lucky bastard! I'm sitting at work everyday wondering why I am there! I needs more rocks! I did make it up to way lake for the 4th. Zach gave me a tour, vid should be up this week!