Thursday, October 8, 2009

The best comp ever.

24 Hours.

me: "How many breaks are we going to take?"
Maury: "I don't think we should take any..."
me: "Oh."

I didn't think he was serious. No one can really climb for 24 hours straight.


Well, it turns out you can.

57 routes later and I am a new man. Eyes tired, hands torn, feet swollen, and body wrecked, Maury and I finished our last route of the 24 hours 23:45 in and headed down to the barn. There I saw Tommy and Jeremy turning in there scorecards as well. All smiles....

I knew that there was no chance that we had won, but this confirmed it. I could barely move, and they had changed into costumes.


These two young guns climbed 213 routes.


The entire experience was a blast. I'll have to say if you like climbing, and want a challenge, this is it.

:::Some Highlights:::



All photos are courtesy of Lucas Marshall. => Check it.

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