Friday, November 6, 2009

Ahh the cold

Well howdy do sports fans. Add Video

First off, War Eagle.

Second, I'm getting psyched. Is it weird that my excitement level is directly linked to how cold it is outside? Think about it. When I wake up, walk outside, and take a breath of nice cool air (im talking 40's people!), I immediately want to strap on my shoes, run out back, and start training. How come I can't keep this enthusiasm for the rest of the year? Climbers are no doubt a rare breed... Alluding to my upcoming trip, my Dad asked, "Why are you purposely maximizing the amount of cold you have to endure in both areas?" HAH! Why would I not?? It only makes sense right? Suffer the cold to send hard. Screw being comfortable. However, as I begin to realize that I am actually going on such an epic journey, I'm also thinking about the repercussions. How will camping in the cold for 7 months effect me? Am I cut out for this? Do I even have enough MONEY????

Only time will tell.

Regardless, I have have a few project in mind this fall that I would love to send before I went.

2. Golden Harvest

Speaking of Golden Harvest... Has anyone been to Rocktown lately? What is the deal with that place?

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  1. Went to rocktown this past week....the road is fine unless a monsoon has come thru the day before. They did a great job converting the washed out road into a dry stream crossing.