Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hueco Tanks

Where to begin... I guess I'll start by letting you know that you don't need a visa to go to Europe, at least that's what the French consulate told my friend Alex. Unfortunately I had already driven to Houston (eight hours out of the way), and found myself there without any purpose. I decided to cancel my hotel, not go to the Consulate appointment, and take a right turn on I-10. After a 1000 miles by myself I stopped at Motel 6 to recharge. The next day was new year's eve. I drove into El Paso and met up with my friends Dave and Craig. (NOTE: all the photos from this post are Craig's. Check out his SITE) The first night at Hueco was somewhat unreal. Maybe it was the Day Quill, or maybe it was the 20 foot tall fire and exhaustion.

Light my fire. With bottle rockets.

More? Yes of course.


Why so serious Dave?

The Man Himself.

Hueco is truly an amazing place. I'd always said I wanted to go there when I had at least 2 weeks. I highly recommend this. With the rules and everything I think a two week minimum is in order. I didn't do too much projecting on harder problems, but I did run around and do as many classic moderate problems as I could. There are too many. Way too many. I wish I had spent more time on East Mountain and the East spur, but there is always next time. I feel good, and I am psyched about the EURO adventure.

Check the pics.

Amber with a can as big as she is.

Shelton showing his delicate side.

Bodysnatcher (v4). Amazing movement on this one.

Between the sheets (v4). Amazing holds on this one.

Babyface (v7). An unreal problem.

Working Dark Age (aka See Spot Run low- V11).

I vote that this is the best V2 in the world. Ghetto Simulator.

Scary. Gums (v2)

Sex After Death (v8). This problem was badass.

Sean on Loaded with Power (v10). A great problem.

Oh yeah, almost there.

The dudes, minus Craig.

Isreal... want to get some CiCi's?

Getting close on Free Willy (v10/11).

Sean getting closer.

I'm getting a camera before I go to Europe, so yeah.... I'll be able to take my own photos. My favorite problems I did at Hueco:

Oriface Affair (v1)
Nobody Gets out of here Alive (v2)
Ghetto Simulator (v2)
Gums (v2)
Sign of the Cross (v3)
El Burro (v3)
Between the Sheets (v4)
Bodysnatcher (v4)
Between the Puffs (v5)
Right Donkey Show (v5)
Lobster Claw (v5)
Norwegian Wall Traverse (v5)
Dean's Trip (v5)
See Spot Run (v6)
Baby Martini (v6)
Mexican Chicken (v6)
King Cobra (v6)
Speed Bump (v7)
Babyface (v7)
Cameltoe (v7)
Daily Dick Dose (v7)
Between the Cheeks (v7)
Stegosaurus (v8)
Sex After Death (v8)
Pumped Full of Semen (v9)
Loaded with Power (v10)


  1. DAMNNNNNNNN!!!! You da Shit son! Good work!

  2. sweet pics... sweet sends... sweet tarts.

  3. you crushed!
    i'm neither surprised nor proud, of course, you have simply met the expectations i have for you...

  4. hell yeah! :)
    We`re still enjoying this place!
    ...and looking forward to Europe!!