Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh holler at your dog!


So if you haven't already guessed it, I am psyched. I'm leaving a week from today for what will be the only extended road trip I will probably ever have... Holy guacamole.

I've been quite the lazy bass-tard as of late, doing little to ZERO climbing since Hueco Tanks. Oh wait, I did go out with my best buddy Sean D. to a new hot spot bouldering mecca in Bartlesville Okla-friggen-homa. It was quite the scene. After 45 minutes of treacherous hiking through mud and crossing a near frozen river, we came came to the ultra-mega classic of the ENTIRE area. A v0/1/2/3 that proved to live up to the hype. On my first go the most obvious foothold shattered. Sick. I managed to capture the forth ascent in only a few more goes. Thats right boss. Buy your plane tickets friends, I can't say enough about the area.

I also went skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Oh my god I love skiing. Second to climbing for sure. I had never been, but it was undeniably amazing. I went with my parents, and they graciously paid for everything. I could never afford all that jazz, I couldn't believe how expensive everything was.
Now I'm back. I just got a new camera (for documentation purposes), and I've almost read the entire manual for your picture viewing pleasure. Look foward to many marginal pictures in the future.

Idea: I threw this at Alex last night. We are going to be making TONS of videos for our own egotistical purposes over the next 6 months. Would you like to see more culture and other crap thrown in other than the regular boulder problem after boulder problem after boulder problem. I honestly get tired of the 15-boulder-problems-in-a-row-format (which I am also guilty of).

Its gunna be a good six months.

I'm going to be helping Alex on his sight: http://www.savageclimbing.com/

So check it, and often.

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  1. DEFINITELY capture the culture.... just leave the camera on... the whole time... live feed. Don't go to Euro jail either.... for kicking plastic bottles at pedestrians. USA! USA! wankah.