Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things to note.

Once again I sit in good ole Mac Donalds. It seems to have become our American embassy. I mean honestly, being American, I reckon we pretty much own this place.

Things I've noticed about France...

1. No fat people... it's amazing to walk around in a country full of people that actually respect their bodies.

2. No big cars... The law of demand is real. When gas is $7 a gallon and streets are tight, there is a need for small, fuel efficient cars. Think your Prius has good gas mileage? Think again my friend... the Peugeot 207 SW gets 60 MPG on diesel, and it actually has unbelievable "get up and go". I guess there is the problem of windows that aren't sufficiently large enough to support those 3' x 3' Mossy Oak stickers....

3. Beer at McDonalds... enough said.

4. The wine is cheap and amazing, and so is the bread.

5. French people are not snooty, stuck up, or pompous. At least not any more than Americans. Are there a few d-bags around? Sure... But where aren't there?

6. Fontainebleau is enormous. 50+ areas, and a lot of them are comparable to HP40 in size and quality.

7. It's really cool how international Fontainebleau is. While sitting in one of the main areas at Font (Bas Cuvier) it's not unusual to hear 4 or 5 different languages around you... and none of them English.

We've been staying in a cozy 6 person gite (house), that is completely full with people excited to go rock climbing. We wake up, discuss where to go climbing, and go. A good life to say the least. We've been blessed with a few (NOTE: FEW) good climbing days, but things are looking up. The snow has finally melted, and things might start drying up.

I love Europe. I like the pace, the scenery, the people walking down the streets in their little towns holding giant baguettes. I like wearing bright colors here, and feeling peoples eyes as they look at my strongly colored attire. I like driving a small car, on small streets, through towns older than America.

I like this place.

Seems like Spain is next in line.

Until next time,



  1. so psyched for you. are you doing the 8a bit while you're in europe?

  2. MAN, so psyched for you. Right there with ya. BTW, I'm offended by the prius bit. Dbag. (haha)