Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Switzerland. Climbing Day 1.

After camping a few days in the rain, we decided we had had enough. We down shifted and headed to Switzerland from France. After paying 65 Euros it tolls ($87!!!!!), we arrived to our destination. Ticino, Switzerland. The town we settled in is called Bellinzona, and it is amazing. After a short stay in an amazing campground right below a 300' tall waterfall we decided to get out of the rain. We went to the tourism office in Bellinzona and the woman there very graciously called 20 or so different people to inquire about flats/apartments/houses for rent. Finally, she found one.

For the same price as camping (18 Swiss francs a night), we get to stay here:

Front door view


Top of the morning to yah Andrea

The living room with heated floors

The GIANT bed...

A shower.... finally!
Swanky bathroom.

Another view...

Today was an amazing day....

The weather was perfetto.

The scenery was bellissima.

I can't wait for tomorrow.

Chironico, Switzerland


  1. sweet jeebus, maria, and josephine!! How much is 18 swiss Francs?... Oh, buy that chocolate you inhale while you're out there... heard aboot it on N.P.AHHHH. and it's only available in your parts. Holla!

  2. 18 Franc is around 18 USD. Not cheap, but better than camping...