Friday, April 9, 2010


Switzerland is a dream world.

Andrea climbing at Brione

The climbing here is world class, the rock is immaculate, and the landscape is breath taking. For me, life does not get much better.

Lake Lugano (you must click to see a larger version!)

We've been climbing a lot lately. Going to new areas and seeing some of the best boulders in the world. We even found (and did) the best boulder in the world... as far as I can tell. We got really good video of Alex doing it so expect a video in the future. He's been absolutely crushing the boulders here in Switzerland. I think he's found a really cool project for himself, Freak Brothers (8a+) at Chironico. There are two lines that I've seen this trip that make me wish I could climb better, one being Partage at Font, and the other being Freak Brothers.

Alex working Freak Brothers

The climbing here in Ticino is really cool. It's so varied, every area has slightly different stone. The scenery never ceases to amaze, and for the most part neither does the climbing. I cannot imagine a better bouldering area than Ticino.

Doug on Black Mirror (6b+) at Brione

Andrea on Black Mirror (6b+) at Brione

Doug warming up at Brione

A pleasant view at Chironico (click to make larger)

Other than all the amazing climbing we have been doing, we've also been relaxing... a lot. Every night we play cards, listen to music, and eat well. We bought some easter eggs for our land lady and she brought us a bottle of Port. As she handed it over she stated with her limited English, "Port, I am from Portugal."

Homemade pancakes with fruit and yogurt topping! Thanks Doug!

Quiche, pear salad, and garlic toast... thanks A Hah!

Port, from Portugal.

We made a day trip to one of the three castles in Bellinzona, which consisted of a whopping 30 minute walk from our house... pretty cool. We topped that off with pizza and gelato.

The view from the watchtower of the castle.

So nice.

The view from the side of the castle

The watchtower.

And last but not least, we spent a day about 25 km south of Bellinzona in a town called Lugano, hanging out by the lake, people watching, and of course eating gelato.

The lake at Lugano

In the park.

These guys are awesome

Cool architecture in Lugano

Old school versus new school in the park


Statue in the park.

Beer at the park

You must click to get the full essence of the photo.

No dog poop.

Closing thoughts.... Switzerland is amazing, and you should be here. So why aren't you?

Also, Alex has posted an awesome Font video on his site... so check it out.


  1. climbing>food>fun.... that should be in some "how to make an interesting/ballin-arse blog post textbook"

  2. Les,

    Just stumbled onto your blog via Furrymurry. You're killing it out there! Glad you things are going well for you. Live it up amigo.