Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good days

Howdy do.

Alex and I went to Milano (Italy) for a rest day.... it was amazing. Europe never ceases to impress.

This guy made amazing art out of vegetables.

I really liked this store's sign. I'm pretty sure they sell glasses.

The Galleria near the Duomo. (You'll see the Duomo in a sec.. just hold your horses)

The entrance to said Galleria

I want to have this bike, and ride it in Italy.

A statue of Da Vinci.

Vertical this time.

Bentley, and a converse advertisement.

A castle.


Look at the detail... it took over 400 years to build.


Back to Switzerland... It's been pretty hot here lately. Trying to finish up some projects before we move on to magic wood. I've been spending my days reading, taking pics, and laying in the sun. We start climbing around sundown, and continue into the night...

Nighttime at the Salamandre boulder. (photo by Alex)

Found this guy on top of this cairn by the river.

Cairns by the river.

This is on the way to Brione, it's home of the 007 goldeneye bungee jump (the second highest bungee jump in the world)....

Behind the Dam

A little bridge on the way to Brione...
look hard and you might see Alex.

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  1. You have to do the bond jump. Shit looks amazing. Grow a pair Sancho.