Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oklahoma Special

I don't understand why life is so cruel. As my dreams switch from the problems here in the Southeast to those located in my home land Oklahoma, I can't help but thinking about some of my favorite places. The problem is, the best problems in Oklahoma are now off limits, thanks to private property and stingy owners. The Farm, as it has been called, consists of beautiful sandstone boulders perched next to a farm overlooking the beautiful rolling hills in Bartlesville, OK. With a few projects there that have to clock in at V10 or harder, this area is truly the future of bouldering around the Tulsa area. Now I'm not saying this place is a destination, but for the rock starved Tulsa area locals, the best sandstone bouldering around is no longer accessible. So damn...... damn, damn, damn! I wish I could go back one more time, and do some classics like the one's shown below.

An Ungraded Unnamed Classic

Zack on "Serious Ju-Ju" (v5)

Moving Towards the Topout of "Resident Hard man" (Undone- v10?)

The Beginning of "Resident Hardman"

Sick! Just sick...

Another Undone Classic

Again, Undone Classic

So sweet dreams kiddos. If ANYONE has info on how to get in good with the owners of the Farm, you let me know.

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