Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 am.... Seriously?

Damn son. Little rock city really is that cool. I find it hard to believe that I've haven't been there more. However, one thing I would like to bring to attention is the limited number of passes they hand out per day. Obviously I understand the limited number of spots, although I think it could handle at least 20 more people, but regardless, what I have issue with is the way the system is set up.

1. The 5am registration start time is ridiculous. That's 5am eastern time mind you, so 4am our time. Even still, Saturday morning the boulder field filled up in 8 minutes! I mean really, if it is going to fill up that fast anyway, the opening time should be 12am or something. At least that way if you don't get a spot, you have time to change plans.

2. Currently there is no way to give passes back. Example, you wake up at 4am to register, and luckily your Internet is blazing fast. Bam, you got a pass. Now you're blindly walking back to bed in the dark (BECAUSE ITS 4 AM!!), and you stub your toe so hard you break it. You're cussing, spinning round, and furious because you know you aren't going to be able to climb. Well, I'm sorry you broke your toe, but the greater tragedy is the fact you now own a pass that will never be used. It doesn't seem like being able to cancel a pass would be a hard thing to do. Common SCC...

Anywho.... Saturday was amazing. Sends galore, and good times to boot. Jon Hur was there and gave me my first real tour.

Coolest Problems I saw:
-Celestial Mechanics
-King James?? (Thing to the left of Celestial...)
-Interplanetary Escape
-White Face
-Instinct (sit)
-Biggie Shorty
-The law
-The shield
-Barndoor 3000

So far I've done only three on this list. And I know there are more problems to add to it. I need to go back! Soon.

Sunday pretty much sucked (although the shenanigans were amazing). We got to moss rock and everything was completely soaked. Eliminates were then tried. I hope it's better in two weeks.

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